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Compliance & Safety are required for the success of your organization, and SmartInject Solutions can assist with protocol administration, drive quality assurance and quality compliance policies, and key performance indicators to help you meet operational metrics and boost your performance.

The additional benefits of SmartInject Solutions are…

Savings are crucial to your suite and to your whole system. SmartInject Solutions can help you manage your bottom line, and then some. You can rely on SmartInject Solutions to help you confirm clinical practices through standardization, reduce contrast utilization¹ and support value initiatives for the department.

Efficiency is a key performance indicator, and SmartInject Solutions provide your organization with automated patient data and workflow, plus automated report documentation to keep your entire system running smoothly and proficiently.

Imaging and Connectivity are critical to your organization, and SmartInject Solutions deliver enterprise-wide connectivity, plus they help you implement best practices, simplifying procedures with unique protocols.

Reference: 1. Bryant M. A shared experience: patient safety, workflow, and productivity advance to new levels. Appl Radiol. 2022;51(suppl):1-16.

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